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The New Côte d'Azur


You can also book accommodation at our partner establishment, Hotel Liakoto, in Kardamili.


The south Mediterranean's best-kept secret

Kardamili is a spectacularly beautiful coastal village, situated in the northern part of the Mani Peninsular, the middle finger of the Peloponnese which forms the southernmost landmass of mainland Greece. Caught halfway between the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the rocky bones of Taygetos Mountains, the whole region is one of stark contrasts and outstanding natural beauty.

Visitors love our pebble beach with its clear waters, which are just perfect for swimming and snorkelling, and there are many other beaches (some pebble, others sandy) all within a short drive of the village. We have a local scuba diving centre which also organises boat trips along the coast. The area is a walker's paradise, with many paths leading from the water's edge up into the foothills and offering amazing panoramas of the region. For those who are happy to venture out alone we can provide local walking maps or, if you prefer, the local outdoor shop in the main street can organise guided walks suited to your ability.

Not far from Kardamili, and an enjoyable scenic drive away, are remote villages that will astound visitors with their authenticity; from Exohori just 20 minutes uphill, to Areopolis about an hour's drive down the road. Just along the coast from Areopolis, the breathtaking water-filled Diros Caves represent another not-to-be-missed attraction, and yet further down the coast lie the haunting remains of the settlement of Vathia, which is well worth exploring.

Overall, this unspoilt region of Greece mixes the traditions of a proud people with wild Mediterranean landscapes, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore the very best of Greece off the beaten track. Little surprises along the way, such as flavourful organic honey, quaint museums, castle walls, rare herbs, thousand-year-old churches and hearty Mediterranean food, will leave a lasting impression on you like no other place in the country.

Kardamili provides an excellent base from which to explore many cultural and scenic places – all possible within a day, either through organised trips or independently. A trip to the archaeological site of Ancient Messini is a must, and beyond are the Frankish/Venetian castle towns of Koroni and Methoni – not forgetting Pylos, home of the great Battle of Navarino in 1827, which marked the end of the Greek War of Independence. Ancient Olympia, site of the original Olympic Games, is about 2.5 hours' drive – as is Mystras, the religious centre of the Byzantine Empire.

Most of all, this is the perfect place for relaxing and unwinding – within a short time of your arrival, we guarantee the pressures of the modern world will melt away...

Kardamyli is situated 36 km south of Kalamata and approximately 3.5 hours from Athens.



Images of Kardamili and the Mani

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